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One Stop Property Maintenance LLC
1220 Longfellow St
Detroit, Michigan, MI 48202
Tel: (313) 957-0070


One Stop Property Maintenance is a leading company for property maintenance. Due to tremendous growth they are in expanding. Current employment opportunities include:


Maintain assigned grounds in neat and orderly fashion by using powered landscaping or snow removal equipment as needed, perform various manual tasks in the maintenance and repair of irrigations systems, clean surfaces via the operation of pressure washing equipment and perform related work as required.    


Remove litter and debris from areas to be mowed  

Edge tree rings, plant beds and all buildings, sidewalks, fences, driveways, parking lots and other surfaced areas bordered by grass every other mowing 

Rake, blow and remove accumulated leaves and other vegetative debris from all lawns, flower and mulch beds, shrub and tree beds, fence areas, parking lot islands and perimeters of all parking lots 

Mow all turf areas as needed so that no more than 1/3 of the leaf blades are removed per mowing  

Distribute large clumps of clippings by mechanical blowing device or manually collect and remove 

Shovel and grade dirt for seeding  

Plant or replace turf 

Prune shrubs with manual or mechanical shears as needed  

Move and distribute mulch to a depth of three (3) inches  

Trench all curb, roadway and bed line edges to help contain the applied mulch  

Inspect and test all components and zones in the irrigation system  

Reset zone times according to seasonal evapotranspiration changes 

Perform pressure washing of vertical and horizontal surfaces with the specific solutions needed to obtain the clients desired results 

General hauling 

Topdressing turf with sand to smooth uneven surfaces or control thatch 

Utilize snowplow, snow blower and/or snow shovel to remove various snow accumulation depths. 

Applying deicing materials to cleared surfaces 

All other tasks as required by Field Supervisor 


Required education: High school or equivalent

All employees must possess a valid State of Michigan driver's license and reliable transportation. 

You may contact this company directly at:

One Stop Property Maintenance LLC
1220 Longfellow St
Detroit, Michigan, MI 48202
Tel: (313) 957-0070


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