Why choose Dhade & Associates?

We understand that it can be challenging choosing the right immigration law firm.  We have highlighted just a few features that sets us apart.  

  • Extensive experience.  Mr Dhade did his first law case while in law school in the mid 1990s.  That is over 25 years of being involved exclusively in Immigration Law.

  • Multilingual: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi and Punjabi, Urdu are just a few languages that we have some basic to fluent proficiency.

  • Both United States and Canada: By offering immigration services in both countries, we are able to offer a broader range of services.

  • Multi-state: Mr. Dhade is admitted in Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Ontario.  To our knowledge there are no other lawyers with this amount of experience and licensing.

  • Impressive litigation record:  We have made a difference!  We do have to protect confidentiality, but here is a sample of a public case we argued at the US Court of Appeals.

  • We Enjoy Immigration: We are dedicated to support and promote immigration as much as possible.  We feel immigrants are what make this country strong.